MISSION: "Produce clean energy without harming the environment."



- Wave energy

Wello is an innovator in the field of wave energy technology. The company arose from the passion to produce ecological and commercially viable energy solutions. The founders of Wello have an extensive background in marine engineering and sustainable energy technology.

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- Natural Design

The Wello Penguin is a strong, patented wave energy solution designed to work in harmony with the ocean. The Penguin vessels float on water and capture kinetic energy, which is then turned into electrical power. The vessels are placed so they do not disrupt the water’s natural movement or disturb the marine life. The Penguin represents a way of producing sustainable energy in harmony with the environment.

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The Penguin

- Pure Energy

The Wello Penguin provides an ecological means of tapping into a source of pure, unlimited energy. It is reliable and extremely durable with no emission. The devices produce no visual or noise pollution and they can be utilised on almost any ocean coast. The Penguin is a great investment in both energy production, and a cleaner future.

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