About us

Wello Oy produces wave energy converters with minimal impact on the environment while caring for corporate responsibility through offering viable economic opportunities at local deployment sites and communities. In our values nature comes always first.

Wello Oy is a high-technology company. Our skills and passion come to life in Penguin wave energy converter which is a result of highly committed innovation work and engineering. In Penguin WEC, Wello introduces a new concept for capturing energy from waves with a unique working principle which is based on the shape of the device. The converter is designed to respond to the movement of waves. Asymmetrical shape of the hull creates a gyration movement in waves which makes the generator inside the hull rotate. Power train from wave to electricity is direct without any mechanical or hydraulic gears in between. Simplicity is one of our values.


Wello has professionals in all its key areas needed for creating a world class wave energy converter. They have an extensive experience in mechanical engineering, marine engineering and control engineering. Professionalism is one of our key values.