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Wello has solved the challenge of producing green energy from oceans by re-purposing existing technologies and business models. The Penguin wave energy converter is based on form and re-purposes existing technologies from wind energy. Supply chain is scalable by using off-the-shelf components and shipyards to manufacture the devices. This simple and patented device is targeted to produce electricity at lower cost than off shore wind.


Wello utilizes the same components that are already in use in wind turbines, meaning the Penguin is cost competitive compared to offshore wind energy. The Penguin brings opportunities for local and regional employment. Manufacturing of the Penguin can be done in most shipyards. Deployment of device is cost   effective and can be achieved with small vessels available locally. The operations and maintenance is easy; it is similar to maintaining any floating device. Remote connection allows for continuous monitoring and adjustment of the device



Penguin telakkaFrom the beginning of the development Wello has been focusing on all five elements of LCOE:

1) Low initial cost

2) Low installation cost

3) Limited maintenance requirement resulting to low operations cost

4) High performance with direct conversion

5) High reliability with enclosed structure, simplicity, industrial

    components and traditional and proven maritime technology

Wello’s patented key invention is to convert wave movement to gyration, which is then amplified. The asymmetrical shape of the Penguin is used to capture the energy from the waves from all directions. The roll of the device spins the rotator inside the device, directly capturing the energy in the waves. Power is led from the rotator to generator using the same shaft eliminating conversion losses.


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