Finnish renewable technology developer, Wello Ltd, has on June the 30th successfully installed the Penguin wave energy converter to Orkney waters.

The Penguin wave energy converter is now floating and connected to mooring system in Billia Croo test site. After careful planning the actual installation of the Penguin took only 36 hours. The installation was conducted by a multicat vessel assisted by a harbour tug.

Initial results confirm efficient rotating movement of the device even in smaller waves than originally anticipated. Installation will be followed by data collection and performance optimization based on the data.

Aki Luukkainen, CEO of Wello Ltd, says: “We are proud to be one of the few companies to have full size wave energy converter deployed. With the installation we were also able to demonstrate scalable and cost efficient deployment.”

Heikki Paakkinen, Founder of Wello commented right after the installation: “I was surprised by the ease of the deployment. Once everything was well prepared and planned there were no major surprises. From the installation point of view a floating device is a perfect solution.”

Wello Penguin is a unique and patented construction to harvest ocean energy. It is based on industry standard components, including a generator typically used by wind turbines, to allow scalable manufacturing by virtually any shipyard using existing manufacturing processes.

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